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OUR STORY You've heard the expression “music to your ears.” Well, we've taken that notion a step further and have introduced a whole new brand of frames that's perfect for the rhythm of modern life! Tempo is the all-new, all-inclusive frames that cater to just about any character. Find your match with Ska, Bolero, or Jazz and get into the groove with the ultimate style statement. A product fit for your life… and your eyes It's not just about giving you an extra stylish edge, it's about giving you added value and quality. All Tempo products are made with attention to details and a strong focus on the technical functions and structure of the frames to secure optimal strength, stability, wearing comfort, and durability. This is achieved thanks to highly efficient components such as high performance titanium, and the finest acetate materials from reliable suppliers. Even the surface treatment for every metal frame is part of a quality package: nickel free, at no additional cost. Try them, you'll be singing their praises in no time!